Room Setups and Introductions

Sample Introductions

Most people when they introduce Stephen just say too much or raise the expectation of the audience to a height that might be hard to fulfill. So with that in mind here are a couple of examples to look at, feel to use one of these or use them as a guide for you to use. 

  1.  I just wanted to let you know that we have decided to place more money aside so that next year we can afford a better (speaker/act) but until then we have the  Magic of Stephen.  

  2. We hope everyone has enjoyed the  (meal/conference) so far; we just wanted you to know when it comes to our next (speaker/act) we just ran out of funds,  we promise next year will be better.  As for now Stephen Bargatze.

  3.  We wanted to get you the best (speaker/act) available, well, to be honest, this guy may not be the best, but he was available.  Welcome the Magic of Stephen